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Bienvenue chez Wok Cafe, nous vous offrons les plats les plus délicieux préparés avec des ingrédients frais et sains. Nous vous invitons à venir profiter d'un moment privilégié. Grâce à notre ambiance chaleureuse et notre bon service, :notre resto a la réputation d'être un restaurant familial et accueillant.
Ici, vous avez le choix entre de nombreuses options. Découvrez notre grande variété de plats.
Commandez en ligne ou par téléphone et profitez de nos rabais spéciaux.
Nous vous souhaitons une bonne visite. Bon appétit !

(514) 938-1882

1845 Sainte-Catherine St W. Montreal H3H 1M2

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Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
Cuisine Fusion Asiatique

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Cuisine Fusion Asiatique

-Excellent place to eat~ What I liked: -Closing very late: Most of the restaurants in Montreal close around 10 or 11 pm, Wok Cafe is still open until 12am and during the weekends they close at 1 or 2am. For me who sleep very late, that's a nice place to eat when I'm hungry very late at night around midnight. Most of the restaurants are already closed, so Wok Cafe is perfect for closing late. -The food quantity: The quantity has larger portions compared to a normal restaurant. I'm very tall (2meters) so I need to eat a lot to get full. Usually the portion offered at a normal restaurant is clearly not enough and I have to order another meal which cost more than 30 bucks for sure. Their portion is bigger, and worth the price (~15 ~20 bucks). When I eat I am not totally full but not that hungry. I would say I'm full at 75% - 80% which is already good to not being starving. -Friendly staff: Very common, but that's better to eat at a place where the staff is pleasant and friendly than a place where the staff is very unfriendly. -Noise: I hate eating at very crowded place. I usually go there very late at night so that's perfect. Not that crowded and not that noisy. Very quiet and chill. It may be more dynamic (noisy and crowded) during late afternoon / early evening tho. -Food quality: I haven't tried other dishes yet. I usually eat that with my friend (check the photos). This one is good if you like to eat something that has taste. I usually take the spicy option which is very tasty.-

Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
winnie wang

-must go to restaurant!!! They are the nicest people ever! They are super understanding when it comes to allergies. And the food is so flavorful and feels like you’re in China!You feel like you’re at home. I came here from Toronto,I always came here at first time,thank you so much for the amazing service and food.-

Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
austin y

-We definitely had eyes bigger than our stomach here as each plate we ordered was quite large. Likewise the menu itself has many great options to choose from which made it difficult to narrow down our choices. Once we did so it didn't take long for them to be under our chopsticks as we were served pretty fast. We went home with leftovers that would last us for several more meals so we feel like we got our money's worth.-

Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
Louise Linh Dalangin

-Definitely recommend this place for that late night cravings! ? We ordered General Tao’s, Lemon Chicken, and some dimsum. Service and the time when the food was served to us were great. Atmosphere is also almost the same as many other the Chinese restaurants but I really appreciate that they serve other cuisines like Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Will eat here again ?-

Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
Cuisine Fusion Asiatique
Jennifer Valentine

-We stumbled upon this charming late night spot. The service was efficient and incredibly friendly. Food arrived promptly and was very tasty. Will certainly return on our next visit to Montreal. Thank you Wok Cafe team! :)-

Cuisine Fusion Asiatique